American Freestyle Karate coaches people, of all ages, in the process of learning and practicing
the martial arts as a tool for being a more complete, proactive, and self confident person.

You see, this school stands for something far beyond the kick, the punch, and the throw.

We strive to help parents instill valuable character traits, beliefs, and habits in their children,
such as: self-discipline, the ability to stay calm under pressure, the appreciation of teachers,
parents, and other mentors, and the value of proper diet, exercise, and education in a happy
and fulfilling life.

For adults and young adults, we are a place to refuel, recharge, and remember the value of
keeping one's body fit, to keep the mind focused, and the spirit strong.

We teach a brand of self-defense that transcends our physical "art", and includes the self-defense
skills of kindness, empathy, community, and compassion.

You are cordially invited to visit and/or be a part of this school; that is, if you are looking for
something fun and extraordinarily engaging, interesting, and life-enhancing.

We are masters of making it easy to get started. We are experts at making the learning fun and
exciting. And we are committed to being role models of honesty and good old fashioned values.
American Freestyle Karate Lexington
(540) 463-CHOP (2467)
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Parent Appreciation Week 10/13 - 10/18
Parents can come to class with your child.
If you register this week for our Basic Program along with your
child, you'll also receive half off your tuition for the program!

Board Breaking Class
Saturday, 10/18 at 10am, this class is open to everyone so
Bring A Buddy

Self Defense Seminar
Saturday, 10/18 at 11am, specifically for adults
Bring A Buddy