Belt Graduation Schedule
December 17 and 18
·        Practice ahead of the Graduation.
·        Make sure your uniform is pressed, cleaned, has all appropriate patches,
and no tears.
·        Be prepared. If you are uncertain of a form or technique— ask.

Things to Bring -
·       Wear your uniform and your belt.
Bring your family and friends.
You do
not need your gear bag.

What to Do at the Graduation -
·        Get there 15 minutes early.
·        Warm-up and stretch.
·        Make sure you meet and great folks. Make friends.
Show the same respect to all Masters and Instructors as you would do at the studio.
·        If there is anything you have questions about, ASK.

Tips for Families and Parents -
·        Cheer, make signs, and make noise.
·        Parents; try never to miss the graduation with the student. This is your chance to
congratulate them after the belt presentation.         
·        Feel free to take pictures from the floor. You will probably need a flash
due to the lights.
·        Make sure you have plenty of batteries and film.
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